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Essential Nutrients

For healthy life, all types of poultry birds need some essential nutrients. These nutrients come from either the natural sources such as pasture, grains and seeds, bugs and insects, sunshine, gravel etc. or supplements.


Carbohydrate is essential for all poultry. It provides the essential energy to keep them healthy and productive.


Proper ratio of fat in poultry feed is also very essential. Usually fat is available in almost all types of feed elements.


Calcium carbonate (which is present in vitamin D) helps to formulate the egg shell. Calcium and phosphorous make the major part of poultry bird’s bone.


Any vitamin deficiency in poultry feed rations can hinder the natural growth of young poultry birds. Hence, they are vital for poultry health.


The most expensive poultry feed element is protein. But it is a must to provide your poultry birds, the sufficient amount of protein contained feed.

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The energy content of wheat is 94% to 96% that of corn. Wheat is higher in protein and the amino acids lysine and tryptophan than corn.


Corn has a higher energy content and a slightly higher protein content and is also easy to digest for the bird. The carbohydrates of corn grain are typically 65% to 70% starch and 11% to 14% fiber.


Barley also has higher protein content. Barley grain typically contains 60% starch and 22% fiber.


It has 13% protein. It provides the protein and energy required for poultry to maintain health, growth, and egg production.


Oat grain contains significantly higher levels of lysine, methionine, and cystine than other cereals. Oats also contain beta-glucans. Because of their good feed value and protein, oats has most beneficial health effects.


Triticale flour has a higher protein and lysine content than many other cereal grains. Lysine content is 2.7-4.4% of total protein. Protein content is 10.7-16.3%.

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Importance of Egg Quality

Due to the latest developments in breeding technology both commercial layers and breeders have the potential to be kept for longer production cycles.

Therefore, egg quality is becoming more and more the decisive parameter for profitability in the poultry industry.

Maintaining both external and internal quality will not only be beneficial to the industry in the short term but might also contribute to an improved growth potential.

Main benefits of shellcheck

  • Improved laying persistency
  • More first grade eggs with better shell quality
  • High albumen quality during egg storage
  • Increases breeder performance through higher hatchability
  • Decreases the shell defects in eggs


Balanced Blend of Carbonates, Vitamins, pfa (Phytogenic feed additive)

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