South Africa

Calcium Carbonate for our Uniq Power products is primarily obtained from the mines of South Africa. As the mined Calcium Carbonate is very low in magnesium and absence of dangerous minerals, makes it the right choice to produce best quality poultry feed. We have experienced personnel on-site to test the quality of the raw materials procured from the mines from time to time.


We have one of our offices in Delhi to manage the distribution and delivery of our products throughout the country. Being at the heart of the Nation, helps us to manage our shipping operations from South Africa and export to other countries in a precise manner.


The Mumbai Harbour waterfront is one of the three entry points we depend on to ship the product into our Nation from South Africa. We also have our office in Mumbai to efficiently handle the calcium carbonate shipment. From this locale, our product reaches its destination for processing and packing.


The Kolkata port is another location through which we handle the Calcium Carbonate shipment. The shipment is carefully unloaded and handled to maintain the wholesomeness of the product. We ensure that the nature of the shipment is undisturbed right from mining to transport and processing.


As our business operations are mainly carried out from South India, we handle major part of the shipment through the Chennai port. We have our office in Chennai, were the shipment is handled for distribution and it is also one of the locations from where we export our products to other countries.


Our head office and operation facilities are located in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu. We manage all our Mining, Shipment, Processing, Export and Delivery operations from Namakkal. Our Ground Calcium Carbonate, selected from the very rich mines of South Africa, is processed through our most modern plant and packed to preserve the goodness of the product. Through every stage, we ensure that the poultry feed we produce is a pure source of Calcium Carbonate for the poultry.

Sri Kariya Kaliamman

Periyamanali Sri Kariakaliamman Temple is situated in Periyamanali, Tiruchengode taluk in Namakkal District, Tamilnadu, India.Sri Kariakaliamman is the Kuladevata for the people of Kongu Vellalar Gounder Semban Tribe.